-  The Making Of A Website -

    Website design encompasses much more than most people realize.  First, you need to decide on and purchase a domain name.  Then, you must decide on and set up your domain with a company to host your domain and website.  At the time you set up your hosting, you should also set up a domain email address such as "Joe@joeblow.com" which will forward any emails that your domain receives to any email account you may already be using.

    After that, it's necessary to return to where you purchased your domain name and point the nameservers to your website, so that your website will become active.

    Following those basic setup tasks, the client needs to agree on the colors they want on their website and a background of their choosing before the actual designing and building of the website begins.

    If you do not already have a logo, you should have one designed that will be memorable for your business.  That logo is of extreme importance because it should leave a lasting impression with any potential visitors to your website. Your logo should also be used on any business cards and/or advertising you choose.  

    Many times, we go ahead and design our clients' business cards, signs, postcards and/or newsletters for customers to use. Emailed newsletters, which contain relevant graphics, are a great free source of advertising if you have an email list of potential clients or customers.  Newletters can vary from 1 to 5 pages and if your newsletter offers helpful articles and information, your customers could look forward to receiving them monthly.  A monthly newsletter also helps to keep your business name foremost in a potential customer's mind.

    Once your website has been designed and completed, we register your website with all of the major search engines for a period of one year.  In all honesty, it takes about 6 months to a year for your website to reach the top of the search engines. There is no extra charge for registering your website with the search engines.  That is included in the overall price of designing the website.

    Any of our services require a 50% down payment before we begin any design based on the quote we give to our clients.  Before we begin the design, we discuss your needs and give you an itemized list of our approximate costs of the work you have requested.  Generally, it takes 1 to 2 weeks to complete a website.  When the website has been completed and approved by you,  we will expect to receive payment for the balance of our fees.

    We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have regarding the unlimited resources available for your business with Internet Marketing.

- Website Examples -

Andrea Womack Realtor

Brent Womack Inspections

Faith Mission Decorator Show House

Pearce Author Page

Christmas Story "The Emissary"

"Out West"

"Don's Musings"

If you have any questions regarding your business needs, or the services we offer, please complete the comments below and they will be emailed directly to me.  After I receive your information, I will call you to discuss those needs.  Thank you.

The Making of

a Website

-  Fees -

- Websites -

Page 1 - $150

Additional Pages


Feedback Form

Pages $125

- Logos -


- Business Cards -


- Newsletters -

$50 Per Page